Remini App vs Remini Professional Web [ Detailed Comparison 2023 ]

Are you also unable to decide between the Remini app and the professional web? Well, do not worry; I will explain both in detail so that you can choose easily between the two. Moreover, both the Remini app and Remini Professional Web are editing tools that help enhance the quality of your photos, be they old or new.

In terms of features, both works are almost similar. However, some people still choose one over the other. There are definitely some differences between the two regarding the user interface. First, let me discuss what the Remini app and Remini professional web do.

Remini app vs Remini Professional Web

The Remini app and Remini professional web are the best tools to enhance your old, blurry, and low-quality pictures. Old memories are very important to people. Therefore Remini, with its AI powers, offers to turn it into a high-definition photo.

Remini app vs Remini Professional Web

Using this app or the web, you can create cool AI avatars for yourself and others. Additionally, it can unblur, sharpen, and beautify photos. So, both apps and the web are the best photo editors.

Remini Professional Web

Remini professional web version can be the option for you if you are a techie and want things on your computer or laptop rather than on a mobile phone. Likewise, the large screen of the web version is the main difference between the web and the app. Remini Chrome can help you edit your pictures on a wide, sleek screen.

Remini Professional Web

Additionally, the large screen allows users to have access to multiple options while staying on the same tab. It has a library that stores your raw photos in groups for easy access, and you can quickly find all the changes you have made.

raw photos

If you have a business and want to showcase it, this is the best option for you. Moreover, it has the best tools for text editing and will help you generate the most appealing captions. You can customize your visuals here so that your brand stands out among others. Furthermore, it is very easy to log into the Remini professional web.

text editing

Both professionals and beginners can use the Remini professional web. You can even use it to enhance your personal photos. You can use it to edit videos for social media. It offers a variety of text styling. So, it is best to put captions on videos.

Remini App

The Remini app works the same as the professional web. So, if you cannot access a computer or laptop and still want to edit your photos, you can opt for the app version. Moreover, if your computer is not powerful, I would advise using the app version rather than the web version.

The best feature of the app version is its versatile filter collection. It has four times more filters than the Remini professional web. You can choose any photo filter, especially to create Instagram filters. Furthermore, it enables you to change the intensity of the filters to personalize them.

versatile filter collection

Another feature is the ‘effects’ usage. You can add effects like vignettes or gradient masking to your photos to make them classier. This can help your images stand out when you post them on social media. Additionally, this option is the best if you want to edit pictures for Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest with its cool filters and effects. You can edit your videos on the app and blur or unblur it.

Another cool factor of the app version is its simplicity. It has all the basic features that will never let the users distract. The basic features allow the users to edit photos on the go. You can edit them quickly anywhere, like a pro. The Remini app is best for androids to add beautiful colours to old black-and-white photos.

Comparison between the Remini App and Remini Professional Web

  • Remini Professional is web-based, while the other is a mobile app.
  • Both can process batches, while the web version can take 10,000 photos.
  • Remini professional web has extensive customization options, while the app version has limited options.
  • The Remini app has less output resolution of 1080p, while the web version has up to 8k.
  • Remini Professional Web charges $24.99 monthly, while the mobile app costs $5.


Yes, Remini has cloud-based operations on safe servers. So your data is always safe and accessible by you.

Final Verdict

Considering everything, the Remini professional web allows a larger screen with extensive customization options and high output resolution. On the other hand, the Remini app is a lot cheaper and offers basic options with four times more filters and effects. So, choose your option by considering your requirements.


Shahrukh Khan

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