Remini MOD APK Pro Download AI Enhancer – Free & Everything Unlocked 2023

APP Name Remini Mod Apk
Size 20.8MB
Supported Android 6.0+ [M, API 23]
Mod Features Premium Unlocked
Updated Last Two Days
Requires 4.0 & UP




Memories are always emotional. What if you get a chance to relive your old memories such as flickery, low-quality, and blurred pictures? We know it looks like a dream, but Remini MOD APK can make it happen. Remini APK is one of the best AI photo enhancers, useful for plenty of tasks such as colouring an old picture, restoring a damaged image, and getting high-resolution images from pixilated or blurred images. Undoubtedly, it looks like magic, but you can try it with a click, even on your smartphone.

Frankly, it’s a powerful AI photography app to perform challenging tasks with a click. It’s helpful even if you don’t know how to use expensive and heavy editing tools such as Adobe Photoshop. That’s the primary reason that makes it the best AI-powered restoring app.

Don’t you know much about the Remini App? Let’s dive deep into its details, how to use it, its prominent features, and everything you need to know about it.

Remini APK – Overview

Remini mobile APK is a simple app like image editors but with unique features. AI completely powers it to perform special editing tasks like restoring blurry or pixelated images, enhancing colours, making old memories look beautiful with high-definition photos and more. All you have to do is choose the functions you want to perform, and just one tap will convert blurry images into high-quality, focused images.

Nowadays, Avatars are highly famous on Social media and other platforms. So, it allows you to generate mind-blowing avatars with your real photo within a second. It’s a powerful tool that works with the help of automatic Artificial Intelligence (AI), trained to provide results according to the demands of today’s digital era demands. Almost everyone likes this app because they don’t need to spend weeks and months learning expensive editing software and manual work. Another essential benefit is compatibility to use it on a smartphone or desktop. Isn’t it a plus? Indeed, it is.

Ai Avatar

Remini AI App: Description

AI is one of the leading technologies, and the Remini AI restoring app also brought a boom in the editing industry. Say goodbye to hours of working to restore a blurred, old, or pixelated image, as the Remini app can do in seconds. That’s why it has got millions of downloads and active users.
The app is not restricted to any age group because teenagers, adults, or adults can easily use it to restore images. If we talk about the rating, it has an overall rating of 4.0, enough to show its popularity worldwide. Undoubtedly, no app is perfect and can be seen through the review. However, the good news is that the app has the maximum positive reviews according to the customers’ feedback due to its usage, functions, open-source, and more.
Do you want to know more about it? Remini – AI Photo Enhancing app is developed by one of the famous developers, “Bending Spoons.” Yes, the app contains ads and in-app purchases so that users can enjoy basic and advanced features according to their usage. The only drawback is that you have to pay for the advanced features that everyone can’t afford. In short, it’s a wonderful app optimized with AI to collaborate with image editors.

What Is Remini Pro APK?

Recall that Remini offers basic and advanced features and charges for the advanced features. Remini ProAPK is the premium version of the Remini AI enhancer, allowing you to restore videos better. Further, it allows you to customize the edits with advanced options such as colour changes, quality updates, and more.
The experts call them phenomenal tools for personalized features. The primary benefit is to get uninterrupted editing experience. Yes, it removes the annoying ads, and you don’t need to spend money to buy in-app purchases. The reason is that a Remini Premium member gets all the tools, features, and skins unlocked. No more hassle; get the Remini Pro APK and enjoy an AI enhancer without limits.

Remini Pro APK

How To Use Remini Photo Enhancer Android App?

Are you eager to Download the Remini app but don’t know how to use it effectively? Don’t worry! The developers have designed this app keeping the user’s background and ease in mind. Using it like a breeze, but after knowing the right procedure explained here.

How To Use Remini

Suppose you have downloaded and installed the free version of the Remini app. After installation, launch the app, and the home screen will open automatically. Look for the Enhance button and click on it. Remember that we are guiding you about restoring and enhancing an image’s quality using Remini AI. Select the photo or video you want to improve by browsing the folder. Select a single image or more and click the check mark. It will import the file into the app in 10-15 seconds. After that, the tool will start working on the loaded image or video to enhance the quality. Ultimately, it will show a vertical line showing the image before and after the results.
Ultimately, the tool has completed the enhancement work. Make changes if you want from the available options from Enhance+. However, this feature is only available in the paid version. If not, click the download button to export the enhanced image to the local storage. Follow the same procedure for any image or video to restore a scratched part of a low-quality image.

What Can I Do With Remini?

The app is developed to perform a variety of tasks efficiently, accurately, and within no time. The Remini app’s restored image quality is no match because of its flawless results. Primarily, it’s useful for the following tasks:

What Can I Do With Remini

  • It can give life to an old image taken from an outdated camera. It will make them colourful within seconds.
  • It takes blurred images with horrible quality and gives you high-resolution images such as those taken from a quality camera.
  • You can edit images and videos as much as you can. It detects the original features, combines them with AI, and brings a high-quality image for you.
  • No more pixelated images.
  • No more blur issues.
  • A great application for creating high-definition masterpieces from extremely low-quality images.
  • Sharpen and unblue the out-of-focus images and videos.
  • Increase the overall pixels of the image and retouch them.
  • Get clean vintage photos.
  • Get incredible face details of your portrait, selfie, or group photo

Important Features

Remini MOD APK can do what a beginner requires to do in hours using expensive and heavy software such as Adobe Photoshop. It’s almost impossible to explain everything about such a wonderful thing in a blog; therefore, we have listed the most prominent and important features below. Read the features and find what you can do with this app for your editing work.

Remini Mod Apk

Photo Enhancing

Import and enhance your old family or childhood picture from an outdated camera and get a high-resolution image within seconds. Remini MOD APK can do that without manual work and expensive tools. Moreover, the pro subscription allows you to adjust the saturation, brightness, contrast, noise, overall balancer, and sharpness. In short, it provides everything about photo enhancement that an editor needs.



Enhance The Quality Of The Picture

The most significant feature of this application is the enhancement of picture quality. The application is famous for top-quality picture quality-promoting features. You can remove the blurred part, clean the blurred area, or cut the sides of the picture perfectly. Plus, you can upgrade the quality of the picture from HD to full HD. Moreover, you can visit Remini For Pc.

Remini photo enhancer

Improve Damages Pictures

Do you have damaged pictures, scratched and broken in several ways? Browse it in the Remini MOD app and get a completely restored image from a high-resolution camera. Remini uses the power of a pre-trained AI model to detect the real-image features and bring life to the older one. We assure you you will be stunned by the result.

Improve Damages

Amazing Effects

Creating the right theme is necessary to share an image on social media or other platforms. The app features a lot of effects, including painting effects. Now increase the pixels of your old image and apply painting and other effects to mold it. It’s a very helpful tool for those who want to share pictures on different platforms to retouch accordingly.

apply painting

All-in-all Sketching Tool

Do you want your sketch, but it’s costly if you pay it to an artist? Don’t worry! Remini MOD android APK brings amazing sketching tools, including face animator, draw me, manga bleach, block tool, oil painting, paint filter, and more. In a nutshell, you have unlimited possibilities to edit an image after converting it to a high-quality image.

Retouch Blurred Pictures

You were at a wedding, and your face was not focused on the family picture. What will you do in such a situation? Remini MOD mobile app is always there to help you in challenging situations. Now retouch and recover blurred images by Remini AI in one tap. First, three photos are free to recover; after that, you must buy their subscription. However, this limitation can be resolved by installing Remini MOD APK for Android, further explained in this article.

Retouch Blurred Pictures

Edit History & Automatic Save

Sometimes you hit the back button, and all goes in vain. Keeping this problem in mind, the developers have added the Edit History and Automatic Save function in the Remini App. Now you don’t need to click on the save button repeatedly, but the app will save your editing after each edit.
Similarly, editing history is also helpful. For example, you have made several changes, but now you only want to restore the image to the third edit. Edit history allows you to recover the image up to a certain edit within a click. This way, you will not need to edit the image again from the start.

Edit History

Easy To Use

Remember that the app is not as heavy as other photo editors, such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere, with a lot of complex options. However, it’s an easy-to-use app with simple and easily accessible options. In our experience, a newbie can operate it after knowing the basics due to its user-friendly interface. The options, space, functions, and everything are clearly divided on the home screen so you can find your required options without hassle.

Easy To Use1

Powerful AI Support

Remember that the app works with powerful AI support for restoring, editing, and enhancing images/videos. Simply, the app is developed with intelligent algorithms for image detection and improvements within seconds. It not only resets but reproduces the image with a combination of algorithms and data from the old image. Usually, it doesn’t require human assistance to craft stunning images taken from a low-resolution camera.

AI Support

Quick and Effortless

What if you spend hours retouching a photo, but AI helps you to do it in a few seconds? It looks unreal, but it’s now possible with the Remini AI enhancer app. It has the most advanced editing capabilities for restoring, removing blurring, retouching, and enhancing images. It analyzes the image adjustments and pinpoints quickly to reproduce a video quickly. Yes, it’s quicker and more effortless than other apps.

editing capabilities

Advance Options & Unmatched Improvements

Remini premium subscription offers advanced features to the pro editors, but what if you are only a beginner? Don’t worry! The app provides unparalleled improvements to a low-quality image in restoring it to a high-resolution image. If you are a pro, use advanced features; otherwise, it will take all the heavy lifting it to bring a stunning image for you.

Unmatched Improvements

Enhance +

Remini MOD APK offers enhance+ with more precise tools. As a pro editor, you can take the image or video to a new level by fixing blurry spots and scratches and generating multiple images using the enhance+ options. It allows you to export the image into different popular formats such as PNG, JPG, and even WebP. Webp is usually used for websites and is most popular in the blogging world. Therefore, you can uncover unlimited possibilities with Remini Enhance+.

Photo Enhancement

Low Storage & Battery Usage

The developers have tried to provide the users with a highly optimized app from all aspects. Everyone knows that heavy apps and editing software consume more power and require plenty of storage for installation. However, Remini’s MOD App scenario is different. It requires low storage for installation but consumes less power than other apps. In short, you can use your mobile’s battery more to edit images and work on other projects.

Low Storage

Save Work Offline

What would you do if you were travelling and have completed the editing in such a situation? Suppose you don’t have more time to edit and want to edit the image later. Remini Mod app for mobile allows users to save their editing work offline. It saves it in the local storage so you can resume editing whenever and wherever you want without any issues. It shows the app’s wonderful aspect to assist the users.

Direct Sharing

Do you work online or want to show off your editing to friends, family, or others? The app offers a direct online sharing option for everyone. This way, you can share the restored image directly to several famous platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and more. It’s helpful because you don’t need to export the image first but can share it directly to social apps. It reduces local storage usage and also saves precious time.

Remove Noise From Videos

It is a premium feature of other applications. For instance, you recorded a video of yourself travelling, or you are a vlogger and rely on the mic of your cell phone when recording videos. You must know that when you go home and watch the video, the noise of the other activities around you is also recorded by the mic. You cannot remove that irritating sound, nor can you upload a video with that noise.

To remove all the sound, you are required to use a reputable heavy application with a premium version. However, it will cost you 500 to 2000 bucks as per the requirements and quality of the application. On the other hand, Remini Mod offers this feature for free. You can remove the background noise and then add music of your choice for free.

Cartoon Effect

The application also provides a feature which is called the cartoon effect. Basically, you can change your picture to a cartoon-like face. The feature is available for free on various social media camera applications but their algorithms and the alignment of the face are not as accurate as the Remini Mod provides. The application creates a perfect cartoon image within seconds, plus, you can customize the face and other cartoon body properties.


Batch Processing

This feature is available in many free version applications but the problem is the advancement. Actually, when we are talking about batch processing, we mean the capacity to process multiple pictures and videos at once. No doubt, it is an extremely hard task but the application is offering it for free, you can process multiple files without getting your phone hung up or turned off because of load. There are a few pros of batch processing of Remini Mod:

    • Time-saving, you do not need to edit all pictures one by one. Instead, you can accomplish the task within minutes, once you set the editing standards.
    • Customization, The application allows you to set the standards for pictures. For example, if you have 4 pictures, you want 2 pictures with high brightness and 2 with low shadow. You can set 2 standards for both of these pairs.
    • Quality control, The most noticeable property of the Remini Mod application is that it maintains the quality of all the pictures. You will not get one picture with different settings while others with less attractive ones. All the pictures you process will have 100% similar quality.


Upscaling is one of the most advanced features of picture enhancement applications. Basically, the term is used for changing the resolution of the picture. Yes, you can turn a low-resolution picture into a high-resolution photo. The feature is locked in all the applications but available for free in the Remini Mod.

MOD Features

Recall that you have to pay the developers for your hard-earned money if you go for Remini Pro (premium subscription) or Remini Enhancer. We know it’s not affordable for everyone to bear the subscription budget, but we have brought a great solution for you. Remini MOD is the modified version of the original Remini APK with all the features unlocked for the users. It means you can enjoy all premium features free of cost.
It’s amazing; however, there is a drawback of Remini MOD. You can’t download the modified app from Google Play Store due to publishing policies but get it from our blog free of cost. Here check out the prominent MOD features of Remini MOD APK below:

Premium Unlocked

After getting the MOD app, you get all the features of the premium Remini APK. No need to pay money to buy a premium subscription, but you will get it easily with a modified app. The premium features involved access to all functions, customized editing, brightness adjustments, colour balancer, sharpness, etc.

Premium Unlocked1

Face Modification

You can now change the setting of your facial features. For example, if you have wrinkles on your face, you can remove them with a single click. The application allows a list of face enhancement qualities such as removing marks from the face, improving the quality of the skin, and hiding pimples or scars.

Face Modification

No Ads

Ads annoy everyone, especially when you are in a hurry or working on an important project. They may divert the concentration of the user. With a modified app, you will get an ads-free experience for free. The MOD’s algorithm removes all the annoying ads in the background, giving you an uninterrupted experience.

Ads Free

Cloud Storage

Smartphones have limited storage; therefore, the Remini MOD app allows you to save your edited work on cloud storage for free. With MOD, users get limited storage to export and save videos directly to online storage without disturbing the local storage. It’s beneficial for those who want to keep their work confidential. Similarly, you don’t fear losing your important data due to online cloud storage.

Everything Unlocked

With MOD, you will unlock all the features, skins, filters, functions, and everything. Don’t pay to get a premium subscription if you are a beginner but enjoy all the features for free with our Remini MOD.

Download and Install Remini MOD APK For Android

Congratulations! You have decided to download this app for AI restoring and retouching but don’t know how to get it. Follow the simple steps below to get it on your phone in a few easy steps:
Step 1: First, uninstall the Remini App from your smartphone, regardless of the version and source.
Step 2: Download the Remini MOD APK from our provided link.
Step 3: Open the Phone’s Settings and location Security Settings. Here give all the permission “Unknown Sources” and go back.
Step 4: Now open the File Manager > Download folder.
Step 5: Click to open the downloaded MOD APK and Click the Install button.
Step 6: Wait for a while. It will take less than 1-2 minutes for installation.
Step 7: Once the installation is done, you will be redirected to the home screen. Click to launch the app and enjoy AI enhancement to restore and retouch broken images/videos.


Final Words

In conclusion, Remini MOD APK is very popular and the best app to restore, retouch, and enhance old black-and-white images and videos. It’s quick, easy to use, and allows members to make further adjustments without issues. Share your videos, save work offline, and get more user-friendly features with the Remini MOD app. Don’t worry! It will not decrease the image quality but make images look like they were captured from a high-resolution camera or edited from expensive software. Simply download it on your phone by following the mentioned steps, import the image/video, click enhance and see the AI’s magic. You are an image restoration expert now.


Can I use Remini Premium Features for free?

Yes, Remini MOD APK allows everyone to use all premium features without paying money. Get it now from our provided link, install it, and enjoy pro functions without issues. Don’t worry! It’s open-source for everyone.

Is the Remini MOD APK safe for smartphones?

Whether you want to download Remini MOD for Android or IOS phones, feel free to download it from our blog. We have tested the app for several devices, checked the accessibility and security, and found it 100% secure.

Can I use the Remini MOD APK on my PC?

Yes, you can now use Remini MOD on your desktop PC or laptop with the help of Android emulators. We recommend downloading BlueStacks or Nox Player for running the Remini APK on bigger screens.

Why can’t I install the Remini MOD APK on my Android Phone?

There might be several reasons, such as the old Android version and downloading source. First, update your phone’s firmware, download the Remini MOD app from our provided link, and follow the instructions carefully to install it correctly. We believe you will not face any installation problems.

Is The Remini Mod App Safe To Use?

Yes, the real version of Remini is safe to use. The application has proper security and privacy terms. Plus, your edited data or the gallery data is in safe hands.

Can Remini See Your Photos?

As a matter of fact, you cannot proceed with the application without allowing permission. And if you click on the allow button, it can see your photos.

How Long Are Photos Stored On Remini?

The duration for storing the pictures is long enough. You can keep your pictures for 15 days maximum. But after that duration, these pictures will be deleted by the application.